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Sales by manufacturer brand

Sales by manufacturer brand
  • Sales by manufacturer brand

Sales by brand


The module displays sales by brand according to the selected criteria

Module version: 1.4.8
Translate: CS, EN, SK
Date add: 01/24/2023
Date update: 02/24/2024
Installation: without support

* E-mail support + free updates are offered for the module
* If you want to get the module express, I will send the module to you immediately against payment confirmation
* Individual modification of the module is possible after agreement
* One license of the module is valid for 1 e-shop (1 domain)
* Number in cart = number of domains
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Licence conditions

You can thus export to a CSV file the list of sold products and the total price for sold products depending on the manufacturer / brand of the product.
You have the option to choose from preset date and order status values.
After saving the settings, the overview is immediately available in a simple table.
There is also an option to export to a comma-separated CSV file in UTF-8 format.