It is possible to shop in the e-shop only with verified customer registration data.

Each new customer will be automatically verified based on the entered registration data.

First name, last name, address, email, IP address are verified.

Customers who enter false information will be blocked and will not be able to shop in the e-shop.

Why do you need to verify customer accounts?

Recently, there has been a lot of trouble with the reselling of Prestashop modules, attempts to install modules on other than registered domains, mainly by other developers of Prestashop modules or even web agencies. Many try to violate licenses and modify modules even though they are protected. So I protect my business, created modules that you won't find anywhere else. I'd rather turn down a dishonest customer than have another deal with such a dishonest customer in the future.

Downloading modules for free is only possible for VIP customers who purchase at least two modules or 2 hours of work for Prestashop in the e-shop. More info ...