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PrestaShop module Unregistered customers order history

PrestaShop module Unregistered customers order history
  • PrestaShop module Unregistered customers order history

Unregistered customers order history


Prestashop module displays the orders and sends a link to the order history in an e-mail, or a link to reorder.

Module version: 1.5.0
Prestashop version: > 8.1.x
Translate: EN, CS
Date add: 06/14/2023
Date update: 03/02/2024
Installation: without support

* E-mail support + free updates are offered for the module
* If you want to get the module express, I will send the module to you immediately against payment confirmation
* Individual modification of the module is possible after agreement
* One license of the module is valid for 1 e-shop (1 domain)
* Number in cart = number of domains
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How to pay and download the module?
Licence conditions

Prestashop will allow only registered customers to view the list of completed orders and the option to re-order already ordered goods.

However, Prestashop does not allow this for unregistered customers.

Sometimes it happens that an unregistered customer makes a mistake and his order does not go through and he has to re-enter all information, search for products, etc.

Which leads to customer churn.

The module will solve everything.

In the module settings, it is possible to enable or disable the order history functions and the link to reorder the order.

In the module settings, you can choose \"Simple mode\" , which is intended for less experienced users and Prestashop programmers.

In \"Simple mode\" you do not need to edit anything in email templates.

There is also the option of selecting order statuses, when it is possible to allow reordering.

All you need to do is insert a placeholder text into the email templates (even for multiple languages) in the translations, which will be replaced by links to the history page or a link to reorder.

Everything is clearly listed in the module settings.

If you have any questions, don\'t hesitate to contact me.