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Prestashop customer code generation module

Prestashop customer code generation module
  • Prestashop customer code generation module

Customer code


Prestashop module, Customer code generator for each customer after registration.

Module version: 1.2.5
Prestashop version: > 8.1.x
Translate: EN, CS
Date add: 01/29/2023
Date update: 02/25/2024
Installation: without support

* E-mail support + free updates are offered for the module
* If you want to get the module express, I will send the module to you immediately against payment confirmation
* Individual modification of the module is possible after agreement
* One license of the module is valid for 1 e-shop (1 domain)
* Number in cart = number of domains
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How to pay and download the module?
Licence conditions

You must have had a customer call you and report your email address to find information.
This module will make it easier for you to search for orders by customer code, search for customers by customer code.
After customer registration, it creates a unique identification code.

The code is visible:

  1. in the customer section \"my account\"
  2. in order list administration
  3. in the customer list administration

You can of course choose where you want to see the code.

Email templates can be edited directly in the module settings, there is no need to translate email templates in the administration.

In the settings it is possible to:

  1. enable / disable display in the list of orders
  2. enable / disable display in customer list
  3. enable / disable sending code by email
  4. generate the missing customer codes
  5. choose the length of the code
  6. select the characters from which the code is to be generated